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Annual Meeting 2021

We've Come this Far by Faith


Annual Meeting November 14, 2021


Our Parish Annual Meeting and election will be held at 12:15 p.m. on Sunday, November 14, in the church sanctuary and live streamed for those at home. Voting will be electronic and ballots will be emailed to eligible voters. Watch this page for the agenda, pictures, and annual reports.

2021 Annual Meeting Election slate

For Vestry 2022
Ken Van Valkenburgh – Jr Warden (second term)
Andrew Huck (second term)
Courtney King (first term)
Bill Murphy (second term)
Trish Powell (second term)
Kara Smigel (second term)
Delegates 2022
John Combs (two-year term)
Ann Venton (two-year term)

Alternates 2022
Opeyemi Agboola (one-year term)
Jennifer Nordin (one-year term)

This slate of candidates has been approved by the Nominating Committee and Vestry. Any further nominations, with the signature of ten eligible voters and the approval of the nominee, must be received at the office by October 31.

Our Mission and Vision

The Mission of St. James’ is to bring people together to be transformed by and to proclaim Christ’s love through worship, spiritual formation, and service.

The Vision of St. James’ is to be a place where all are welcome, to feel God’s love and share God’s love.

Eligibility to Vote at Meetings Of the Parish

All voters at Annual and Special Meetings of St. James’ Parish shall be:

  1. Members of the Church in good standing as defined in Constitution and Canons, Article I. Cannon 17, Sec. 3, of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church (quoted as Appendix to St. James’ bylaws);


  2. At least 16 years of age when not prohibited by public law;


  3. Contributors of record to the Parish during the 12 months preceding the meeting (with any recorded contribution of time, treasure or talent serving to meet this requirement, with any question of fulfillment being decided by the majority of the Vestry present); and


  4. Enrolled as voting members of St. James’ Parish at least one month prior to the meeting.

If you are in doubt about your eligibility, please contact the parish office at