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Hi friends,
Our topic for this week’s Stronger Together conversation revolved around the video we’ll watch. We’re going to dive back into the “basics” of mental health: what it is, how we define it, and what that means for better understanding mental illness. It may sound like an elementary topic, but it’s definitely not.
The video is just a few minutes long, but it is packed with really useful information. I found it both valuable and interesting, and I’m pretty sure that like me, you’ll learn a thing or two when you watch it. To that end, I recommend watching it once by yourself ahead of time, and then again while we’re all together on the call. There’s a lot to absorb and discuss!
Our warm-up question for this week:
What’s one fact about you that most people are surprised to learn?
Here’s the login info for this Thursday at 7pm:
Meeting ID: 939 9668 7354
Passcode: 11815

See you soon,

Alex Trouteaud