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The Mental Health Leaders Group is thankful to everyone who expressed appreciation of the “on demand” prayer videos we released last month. We have a new batch of videos for you this month, and we hope you’ll find them helpful.

Today we are offering three prayer videos from the Rev. James Isaacs, and a prayer by Sampson Annan with music by Jeanne Lehning. These prayers can accompany those who would like a companion or some guidance in their prayer time.

  • “When You’re Seeking Motivation” addresses those moments when we lack motivation to do what needs to be done. Rev. James Isaacs leads us in the Prayer of Self-Dedication from the Book of Common Prayer, to help us find meaning in our tasks and to do them in ways that help others.
  • “When Days Seem the Same” offers respite for the tiring times when our days seem all the same. Rev. James leads us in one of the original forms of Reinhold Nieubuhr’s Prayer of Serenity. This prayer has been used in shorter forms by various 12-step programs, but this longer version offers a fuller hope for meaning in our days.
  • In “Thoughts of Suicide” Rev. James reminds us of God’s unfailing love for all of us, in even our darkest moments, and offers support and companionship during the difficult task of reaching out for help.

  • In “Prayer Against Fear and Anxiety” Sampson Annan invites us to allow God’s loving presence into our lives, to ease our anxiety and worry. Pray along with him to the soothing music of Jeanne Lehning’s flute, and know that God is with us and loves us.

Are there other ways you would like to pray? Specific topics you’d like prayer videos for? Please let us know. Send email to Rev. James Isaacs at