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Once again the Mental Health Leaders Group has a new batch of videos for you. The content is a little lighter than last time. This month we invite you to pray while walking, with children, after an argument, and with a simple art project when words are out of reach.

These prayers can accompany those who would like a companion or some guidance in their prayer time.

All of our Prayers on Demand videos can also be found on our website here: Prayers on Demand: A Way to Pray Together.

  • “Shall We Go and Worship God?”: Rev. Meredith Heffner leads the children of St. James’ Children’s School in prayer. Join us with hand motions and an exuberant AMEN!


Are there other ways you would like to pray? Specific topics you’d like prayer videos for? Please let us know. Send email to Rev. James Isaacs at
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Find support and fellowship with “Stronger Together.” This St. James’ group meets Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m. by Zoom to discuss a new mental health topic each week. Access to the meeting is shared on Thursdays in our weekly parish emails. Contact us to be added to the parish email list.