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Hello friends,

As Christians we believe–really, we have to believe–in the ability of people to change. While it’s easy to look back on our lives and reflect on how we have already changed, it’s a little bit more difficult to imagine how we might change in the future (spoiler alert: we’re all going to continue changing and growing, no matter how much we might insist otherwise). It’s enough to make you wonder…what types of things change us? Major life events, of course, but surely there are “small” things that change us over time, too?

This week we’re going to talk about one way in which people change: by listening to the personal stories of others. We’ll listen to a ~5-minute excerpt (starting at 3:45) of a podcast episode titled, “Communications to Power Mental Health” by none other than our very own Carrie Fox! In this episode, Carrie interviews Schroeder Stribling, President and CEO of Mental Health America, who tells her story about how she was inspired to be the leader she is today. As you reflect on her story, think about how it makes you feel, and perhaps how similar personal stories have changed the paths you’ve journeyed along throughout your life.

Our warm-up question for this week:

What’s a song that you love dancing to, or (if you’re like me and desperately try to avoid dancing), a song that you danced to for a memorable occasion?

See you soon,