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Hello friends,

We have some really creative and artistic people in this discussion group. There’s also people like me, who perhaps aren’t naturally artistic but strive to be more creative and appreciative of the art we encounter. This week we’re going to explore a few different ways in which mental health and art can intersect, from giving us a language to express complex feelings to connecting us with people and ideas that can bring healing.
In advance of our conversation this week, please take a few minutes to read this brief but touching opinion piece about how a pop musician’s art changed a young person’s life in profound ways. To start off our conversation we’ll watch this short video about how a newfound habit of creative expression set a mentally ill young adult on a path of healing and transformation. Perhaps you have a story to share about how art has helped you on your mental health journey? If so, I hope you’ll consider sharing your experience with us.
Our warm-up question for this week:

Check out this website of Texas Mental Health Creative Arts Contest winners. Which image stands out to you, and why?

See you soon,