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Hello friends,

I realized at 11:59 pm on New Year’s Eve that I didn’t have a resolution ready to go, so I quickly searched the web for some ideas for how I might improve myself over the next 527,040 minutes. Here were some top hits from my (literally) 11th hour search:

  1. Order every drink on the Starbucks Menu.
  2. Stop blaming my own foul odor on the dog.
  3. Perfect my favorite celebrity impression.
  4. Learn to fold fitted sheets.
  5. Look busy while doing nothing.

Perhaps sensing the existential dilemma I created for myself, Dee emailed over a couple of helpful resources that got me back on track. The first is a super short video on the problem with New Year’s resolutions, delivered by an “influencer” who really speaks my language.

The video helped me get in the right headspace for the more challenging and provocative opinion piece titled, “This Year, Make a Resolution About Something Bigger Than Yourself” (PDF version also attached, with source link in the file header). I don’t want to give anything away here because it’s better if you read it for yourself; it’s a short essay that will only take a couple of minutes. Suffice it to say I’ve scratched the top hits for resolutions from my last-minute internet search.

Our warm-up question for this week:

What’s a New Year’s resolution you wish someone dealing with mental illness would make?

See you soon,