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Hello friends,

I searched my email just to be sure: our first Stronger Together discussion was held nearly four years ago on April 16th, 2020. At the time we envisioned it as a “three-part series” to address the social isolation we were experiencing during pandemic lockdown. So much has changed since then. Our conversations on mental health are wider-ranging, many new people have joined in to share ideas and experiences, and we kick things off with a “warm-up question” rather than “two words to describe how you are feeling today.” Many other things have stayed the same; we show up to support each other, we listen with empathy and share honestly, and we congregate via Zoom at the same day and time each week.

I wonder what the next four years will look like for Stronger Together, don’t you? Let’s talk about it. Occasionally we discuss as a group how we want Stronger Together to continue and evolve, and now is a good time to check back in. How might we evolve the program so that more people are involved? What roles can each of us play in sustaining it?

Please take a few minutes ahead of the discussion to reflect on what you love most about Stronger Together. Please also spend a few minutes thinking of a time when something in church (or work, social clubs, etc.) changed over time… but in a good way. This will be the warm-up question for Thursday as you’ll see below.

And don’t think that I’ve forgotten to share a neat video with you! I came across a touching and thoughtful video from BBC called “How to help someone struggling with their mental health“, and to my delight I found that it’s part of a robust series called Headroom: Your Mental Health Toolkit. Why this video this week? It reminded me of you, and what makes Stronger Together a special experience.

Our warm-up question for this week:

Tell us about a time when something significant changed at church, work, or a social club… and the change ended up being really positive.

See you soon,