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No one wants to say, “I don’t trust God”

No one wants to say, “I don’t trust God”

This week we’re going to consider two unrelated but complementary personal perspectives on mental illness. We’ll start by watching a brief clip from an installment in a PBS series called “Mysteries of Mental Illness.” In this clip, pastor Michael Walrond talks about labels, race, the church, and his experiences with depression.

After discussing this video, we’ll then listen to the poem “in this season we heal” by poet Trapeta B. Mayson. We’ll talk about how these two videos tap into a similar set of experiences, but also how they represent different ways of thinking about the pain and loneliness that can accompany mental illness.

If you haven’t been able to join one of our conversations in a while and are unsure when is the right time to drop in, I might suggest that this week is a perfect opportunity to reconnect. We’ll be so glad to see you!

Our warm-up question for this week:

If you could live in a world that was just like a board game, which board game would you want it to be like, and why?

See you soon,